Ben Rounds is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and as of January 2011, a full time working musician. Prior to that, he was a weekend warrior for 44 years, since joining his first garage band at the age of 15. Among his many musical influences the most dominant are Traditional Country and Roots Rock.

Ben is currently performing with the Ben Rounds Band from Ulster County, NY. The band is at this time just past their four year mark as a group. In 2009, they played 40 shows, and in 2010, they played 61 shows – showing steady growth in a tough economy.

The Ben Rounds Band is a Country-Rock dance band (including waltzes, polkas, free form rock-n-roll dancing, line dances, square dances and belt buckle polishers).

The Ben Rounds Band performed 101 regular shows plus numerous benefits in 2011, exceeding goal set at beginning of the year.

Also performing solo, Ben’s acoustic music puts an emphasis on the original songs written over the last 35 years, many of which are being recorded for a CD release. These originals are a hybrid blend of music that draws from the driving energy of Chuck Berry Rock-n-Roll and the emotional intensity of Hank Williams Country.

Ben performed 15 solo shows in 2011.

Buck Owens and Don Rich (RIP), your music lives on.