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The Ben Rounds Band just joined Facebook on Easter Sunday  2011, please check us out.

The Ben Rounds Band
was featured on page six of
the Tri Valley Townsman,
in the Reservoir Music Note Column.
And that is very good news.

Howdy folks, and welcome to another Reservoir Music Notes column.

By: Fred Perry at the Reservoir Music Store Rte. 28 Shokan, NY For the Tri-Valley Townsman

This week, I’m profiling the hardest working band in Ulster County, The Ben Rounds Band. Ben is a serious musician who plays, guitar, bass, mandolin, harmonica, and lap steel, but is also one of the most conscientious bookers I know of. His band is booked almost every weekend, sometimes with 2 or 3 gigs in a single weekend, so there’s ample opportunities to catch these guys somewhere near you. They’re not afraid to travel, so The Ben Rounds Band might show up anywhere within a hundred miles of here at any time, but the easiest gig to remember is their Monday night residency at The Catamount Restaurant in Mount Tremper (which, by the way, also has great food, and Monday is their 35 cent wing night). The BRB will be at The Catamount every Monday night from May 23 until August 29.

Rising from the ashes of The Famous Lees of Krumville, The Ben Rounds Band have existed in their own right for just over 3 years, with greater success each year. Their first year, they played around 40 shows. The second year they upped that figure to 60, and this year, they’re on track for 100 shows, showing remarkably steady growth in a tough economy and when most bands are bemoaning the lack of places to play, these guys are out there doing it.

The band consists of Ben, of course, on guitar and vocals, longtime drummer, Bob Schnitzer, who also sings, and newest member, J. B. Randall on bass and vocals. The new configuration gives the band more versatility, as everyone sings and there are ample opportunities to display their lovely 3 part harmonies, something that IMHO, separates the men from the boys musically.

The band’s roots are in rock n roll and old school country with an emphasis on danceability. Their set lists are an eclectic mix of those genres, drawing from obscure and well known covers and original songs. Amazingly, Ben is also a square dance caller, which gives this band a diversity not found in many modern bands. Their shows are a 3 hour vacation from the troubles of life, while you listen to the troubles of others, forgetting your own for a time.

The Ben Rounds Band is currently recording a CD of original songs which will draw from the driving energy of Chuck Berry and the emotional intensity of Hank Williams, Sr.

Reprinted from Ye Olde Tri Valley Townsman

in the Reservoir Music Notes Column

written by (and special thanks to), Fred Perry